Volume Date


41 2008.12

Accessibility and the Vicissitude of Ecotourism: A Two-Region Model

Deng-Shing Huang Yo-Yi Huang、Siao-Ping Young

41 2008.12

Market Structure Analysis of the Irrigation Associations Allocation Water Resour

Ya-Wen Chiueh

41 2008.12

Economic Analysis on the Impact of Smuggling, Preventin and Control Inputs on Taiwan's Broiler Industry

Chien-jChiang Lee、Jie-Min Lee、Chi-Jung Hsieh
41 2008.12

Grey Predictin Models for Broiler Farm Price in Taiwan

Meng-Long Shih、Biing-Wen Huang Wei-Yu Hu、Chen-Wan Feng
42 2009.06

An Economic Analysis of Price of Certified Emission Reductions under Kyoto Mechanism in Taiwan

Wan-Yu Liu、Kuo-
Ching Lin
42 2009.06

Evaluating the Performance of Dynamic Hedging Strategies in Commodity Futures Markets

Chun-Chou Wu、Nathan Liu、 Yi-Nung Yang
42 2009.06

The Relationship between Green Onion Price and Consumer Price: An Application of Asymmetric Threshold Model

Kuan-Min Wang、Yuan-Ming Lee Chien-Chiang Lee
42 2009.06

The Potential Economic Benefit of Adopting GM Papaya in Taiwan

Man-Ser Jan、Kun-Lin Tsai