Volume Date


36 2006.06

Technical Efficiencies of Cut-flower Production-Marketing Teams in Taiwan: An Efficiency Evaluation method for Agricultural Service Organizations

Fu Tsu-Tani Wei-Hsing Kong

36 2006.06

The Structure of Household Consumption and Food Demand -- A Comparison of Taiwan Households Segmented by Income

Jan Man-ser

36 2006.06

The Analysis of Rice Consumption Behavior in Taiwan

Chen Chi-ChungWei-Chun TsengLing-Yu Huang
36 2006.06

An Economics Assessment of  Adopting Food Safety Management System in Taiwan's Clam Industry

Lee Wu-ChungHsiao-Chieh Wu Ping-Shih Yang
36 2006.06

The Estimators and Policy Implications of Taiwan's Support Estimates

Huang Chen-TeAin-Ding Liaw

37 2006.12

Cost-Effective Targeting of Aquaculture Land Retirement to Retard Ground Sujbsidence along the Southwest Costal Areas in Taiwan -- A Case Study of Tung-Shih County

Liao Chao-NingChia-Shih Liu

37 2006.12 The Economies of Scale and Scope of Farmer Associations in Taiwan Lu Yung-Hsiang Tsu-Tan FuHai-Wen Lu
37 2006.12 Using Spline Function to Reexamine the Operation Performance and Merger Effects of Farmers' Credit Unions Chou Pai-Lung Rhung-Jieh Woo Wei-Chun Chen
37 2006.12 The Trade-off Relationships betfween Traiff Reductions and Tariff Quota Expansions: Implications of Negotiation Strategies for Sensitive Products Yang Min-Hsien
37 2006.12 Estimating the Willingness to Pay for the Taiwan Trout(Oncorhynchus masou formosanus Tseng Wei-Chun Yi-Tsang Chang 
38 2007.06 Nonlinear Consumption Behavior and Its Implaction on the LCH/PIH Cheng-Feng Lee、Ching-Yu Lan、chun-Hung Lien
38 2007.06 An Evaluation and Assessment of Reforestation Policy in Taiwan Kuo-Ching Lin、Wan-Yu Liu
38 2007.06 Biomass Energy Development and Greenhouse Gas Reduction: An Application of IPCC Model Kwo-Dong Wey、Tsung-Cheng Lee、Sheue-Ching Hong
38 2007.06 A Study on the Risks of Japanese Rice-Growing Farms' Profits, Costs, and Production—A Moment-based Approach Jin-Jou Dai、Chien-Hung Chen
38 2007.06 The Impacts of Fishery Operations on Fishing Village Economy via Environmental Risk Perception of the Fourth Nuclear Power Construction in Kung-Liao Area Hsiang-Hsi Liu、Ching-Ta Chuang、Jyun-Long Chen
39 2007.12 The Impact of Stock Market Policy Announcement on Commodity Prices and Share Prices Vey Wang、Chung-Hui Lai、Shih-Wen Hu、Chia-Hui Cheng
39 2007.12 Evaluationg the Recreation Benefits of Rock Fishing in Taiwan Man-Ser Jan、Yan-Ling Lin、Ching-Ta Chuang
39 2007.12 Effects of Variety-Seeking Recreation Behavior on Pricing Policies and Social Welfare in the Recreation Industry Yao-Hsien Lee、Hui-Chun Chen
39 2007.12 Feasibility Study of Kantain Maxim on The Issue of Pollution Prevention Alan Huang、Lih-Chyun Sun
39 2007.12 Evaluation of Visitor Travel Demand and Recreation Benefits in the Special Event—A  Case of Yi-Lan Green Exposition Chun-Hung Lee、Chi-Chung Chen
40 2008.06 Agricultural Market Disturbance and the Optimal Agricultural Price Target Zone Lee-Jung Lu、Meng-Yi Tai 、Shih-Wen Hu、Peir-Shyan Liaw
40 2008.06 Tests on Structural Change in the Consumers' Preference for Staple Food in Taiwan Huang-Jaw Lee、Cheng-Hsi Fang
40 2008.06 The Impacts of the Ten New Construction Projects on Taiwan's Agricultural Economy: An Application of a Multiregional Computable General Equilibrium Model Ping-Cheng Li、Chyi-Lu Jang、Kwo-Chin Kuo
40 2008.06

Impact Evaluation on Domestic Livestock and Poultry Industry after Free Trade

Chiang-Ren Show、Sheng-Ju Huang