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31 2003.12 The Role Market and Government in Allocating Farm Land Usage Shei, Shun-Yi
31 2003.12 General Equilibrium Analysis of the Impact of WTO Accession and the Elimination of the Fishery Fuel Tax Exemption on Agriculture, Livestock and Fishery Sectors in Taiwan Chin-Hwa Sun, Cheng-Hong Lin, Fu-Sung Chiang and Kuo-Jung Lin
31 2003.12 Cost Efficiency of Biotech Firms in Taiwan Yung-Ho Chiu, Jin-Li Hu and Chia-Lin Tsao
31 2003.12 Can  Money Buy Votes? -- A Case Study of U.S. Sugar Policy Chang-Chou Chiang
32 2004.06 The Export Promotion and Marketing of Agri-food Products: The Role of Government Ching-Cheng Chang, Wen-Fu Shie
32 2004.06 Model  of Multiple-hurdle with Decision Process: A Possible Resolution of Protest Responses in Contingent Valuation Questions Pei-Ing Wu, Wan-Fang Cheng, Ming-Ta Su
32 2004.06 A Cognitive Analysis of the Relation between Environmental Protection and Economic Growth Su-Hao Tu
32 2004.06 A Study on the History and Application of GTAP Database Hsing-Chun Lin
33 2004.12 The Study of Agricultural Production and Biodiversity Preservation Wen-li Huang, Ming-chien Chen
33 2004.12 On Rural Unemployment: A theory and application on the agricultural policies under WTO framework Deng-Shing Huang, Po-Sheng Lin, Yo-Yi Huang
33 2004.12 Eco-labels and Imported Agricultural Products Jin-Li Hu, Wei-Kai Chu
33 2004.12  Impact on People Nutrition by Changes of Staple Food Prices and Income in Taiwan Chiang-Ren Show, Chiung-Ying Lee
33 2004.12 An Ex post General Equilibrium Analysis of the Impact of WTO Tariff Reform on the Taiwan's Agricultural Employment Kuo-Jung Lin
34 2005.06 The Analysis of Employment Duration of Agricultural Sector in Taiwan 1980-2002 Fung-Mey Huang, Ching-Jen Chiu
34 2005.06 The Decomposition and its Influencing Factors of TFP Growth of Post-War Japanese Farm Families Jin-Jou Dai, Chien-Hung Chen
34 2005.06 Utilizing VIKOR to Make ERP System Supplier Selection Decision Jiun-Hung Lin, Gwo-Hsiung Tzeng, William Jen
34 2005.06 A Comparison on Recreational Values under Different Recreational Demand Functions — An Example of Ilan County Kai-Lih Chen, Yun-Chieh Lin
34 2005.06 The Institutional Analysis of Externalities Generated by Farmland Use Conversion Hai-Feng Hu
35 2005.12 Semi-Parametric and Parametric Estimations and Tests  of  Adoption: An Application to Bovine Somatotropin  Technology Hung-Hao Chang,  Loren W. Tauer
35 2005.12 Simulating the Effect of Joint Policies of Emission Trading and Joint Implementation under A Monopoly Market Kwo-Dong Wey,Shu-Tsung Yang
35 2005.12 The Critical Factors and Managerial Strategies for Supply Chain Management Established in the Taiwan Milkfish Industry Hsiang-Hsi Liu, Ching-Tad Chuang, Ming-Hua Liang
35 2005.12 Interest Groups,  Wage  Bargaining  and Environmental Policy Yu-Bong Lai
35 2005.12 Community-Based Conservation Management: Strategies and Modeling of Wildlife Refuge at Shin-Wu-Lue Creek Hurng-Jyuhn Wang, Chin-Shien Wu