Volume Date


26   Outward Direct Investment to Mainland China --- The Case of Taiwan's Agricultural and Food Industries Alan Yun Lu
26   An Econometric Analysis on the Dairy Farmers' Response to the Taiwan  Government's  Subsidy  on Milk Cow Selective Slaughtering Project Ying-Che Hsu
26   Nonlinear Analyses of Fruit Prices in Taiwan Jane Lu Hsu and Ching-Hsuan Yeh
26   An Analysis of Major Aquaculture Products' Price in Taipei: An Application of Vector ARMA Models Fu-Sung Chiang and Wei-Yin Chen
27   The Effects of Trade Uncertainty on Chrysanthemum Trade between Taiwan and Japan Rhung-Jieh Woo, Hsin-Yeh Tsai
27   The Agricultural Trade Between Taiwan and Asian Pacific Countries under the New World Trade Order Ching-Cheng Chang, Jen-Tzu Chang
27   Applying Nonlinear Random Utility Model in Measuring Taiwanese Forest Recreational Benefits Jin-Long Liu
27   A Study on Application of Fuzzy Multi-Objective Function for Improving the Aquaculture Condition in Ta-Chen, Chang-Hwa Tao-Chang Yang, Kou-Chiang Chang, Chien-Ming Chen, and Wen-Ren Chen
28   Analysis on Rice competition Cross Strait Chiang-Ren Show, Chiung-Ying Li
28   Analyzing Taiwan's Cost of living and Substitution Bias of    Consumer Price Index: An Application of Superlative Price Indexes Pang-Tien Lieu
28   The Study of Taiwan's Aquaculture Fish Market Integration --- Tilapia as example Cheng-Wei Chen, Yi-Nung Yang, Yeu-Ping Fanh, and Ya-Nan Chuang
28   The Economic Impacts of Increased Government Spending: A Comparison of Input-Output Model and Computable General Equilibrium Model Ping-Cheng Li
29   Economic Impacts and Tariff Rate Quotas Management Method of Persimmon Imports After Joining WTO Shun-chen Lee, Yu-liang Sun
29   The welfare costs and tax structural effects of Green Tax Reform Tzu-Han Yang, Han-Pang  Su
29   Optimal Environmental and Trade Policies: A case of Imperfect Competition and Cross-Border Pollution Deng-Yang Chou, Hui-Wen Cheng and Chin W. Yang
29   Food Demand in Urban China and its Implications for Agricultural Trade: Model Selection Based on Forecasting Kang E. Liu and Wen S. Chern
30   Economic Issues of Irrigation Water Right and Water Market in Taiwan Ming Chien chen
30   The Likely Economic Impacts of a Free Trade Agreement Between Taiwan and U.S on Taiwan Agriculture and Fisher Sectors Chi-Chung Chen, Jenny Chin-Hwa, Chia-Hsuan wu, Ching-Cheng Chang and Shih-Hsun  Hsu
30   Model choice and Test of Separability in Meat Demand: Taiwan Man-ser Jan
30   Double Dividend for Environmental Fiscal Reform: Improvements on Fiscal Status and Green National Income Yophy Huang