Volume Date


21   A Review of Farmland Conversion Policy Yu-Kang Mao
21   A Critical Test of Expenditure Elasticity of Taiwan's Rice Consumption Shun-Yi Shei
21   Tariff Schemes And Environmental Quality Wei-Chuan Yang & Deng-Yang Chou
21   A Study on the Compensation System for Restricted Use of Farmland in Water Resource Protection Areas in Taiwan Ming-tsann Chen  
22   The Sources of Agricultural Growth in Taiwan Revisited Chi-Yuan Lin
22   Operational Efficiency and Strategies on the Credit Department of Taiwan Farmers’ Association: An Application of Strategic Group Approach Hsiang-His Liu, Rhung-Jeih Woo and Yung-Chi Chen
22   Analysis of the Market Structure and Price Cointegration of the Tuna Raw Material Markets for Tuna Canneries in the World Chin-Hwa Sun
22   Establishing a Demand Forecast Model for Crowndaisy Chrysanthemum with weather Data and Neural Network – An Empirical Example of Taipei's First Vegetable Wholesale Market Lee, Tzong-Ru Lin, Jiun-Hung
23   Optimal Pricing of Water Rights for Efficient Use Chien-Ming Lee and Chuang-Huang Huang
23   Siege Mentality and Food Security of Taiwan Shei, Shun-Yi  
23   A Study on Convergence of per Capita Agricultural Income Growth Across the Taiwan Prefectures & Cities: 1970-1996 Chien-Hung Chen and Jin-Jou Dai
23   A Nonparametric Analysis of Producer Behavior and Technology in the Pulp and Paper Industry of Taiwan Jiing-Shyang Hseu and Ming-Ju Pan
24   Trade Liberalization and the Rice Policy in Japan, Korea and Taiwan Tsu-Tan Fu, Yuan-Ho Lee, Chien-Hung Chen and Yiwen Chen


24   The Impact of the Limited Guaranteed Price Purchasing on Rice Farmers' Price Expectation Yu-Hui Chen
24   When Households of Risk-Aversion Face Increased Flood Risks from Climate Change Grant Gwo-Liang Yang, James S. Shortle and Katherine Hsu 
24   The Economic Impacts of Global  Warming Mitigation Policy on the Taiwan Economy PING-CHENG LI
25   Energy Demand and CO2 Emission Forecasting Using State Space Models Shih-Mo Lin, Kai-Chiung Peng
25   The Economic Analysis of the GMOs Impacts on Taiwan’s Animal Industry Sector Yuan-Ching Shyu, Chi-Chung Chen, Joyce Jong-Wen Wann
25   The Analysis of Price Support Policy and Risk in Taiwanese Rice Market Yu-Hui Chen
25   A Race between Biotech Firms – A Key to the Further Development of Agricultural Deng-Yang Chou