Volume Date


1   Agricultural Education and Agricultural Development Yen-tien Chang
1   Agricultural Population Analysis with Relevance to Agricultural Development and Rural Community Progress Te-Tsui Chang
1   Agricultural and System Analysis Y.C. Chiang
1   Study on the Distribution of Sources of Hogs in Taipei, Tainan, and Kaoshing Hog Markets Chi-lien Huang
1   The Evaluation Method for the Economic Efficiency of the Industrial Road Chang-yi Lin
1   Rural Capital Markets in Taiwan, 1960-1970— With Special Reference to FACD – Chyan Tuan
1   Development of Integrated Cooperative Export Marketing System of Bananas in Taiwan Wen-fu Hsu
1   Data Systems to Support Agricultural Policy Analysis in Taiwan Chao-chen Chen
1   Farm Management Problems and the Role of Management Extension in the Adoption of New Technology by Small Farmers Y. C. CHIANG
1   Training Extension Workers in Farm Management Techniques Chu-Yuan Wu
2   Effects of Rice Guaranteed Price and Purchasing Policy on Rice Market Structure and Growers’ Income Wen-fu Hsu
2   Factors Motivating the Growth of Agricultural Exports from Taiwan Hsing-yin Chen
2   Stability Test and Reestimation of the Production Function J. T. Shih
2   Patterns of Population Change and Regional Development in Northern Taiwan Jen-jen Kiu
2   A Simplified Monetary Macro-economic Model of Taiwan, Republic of China Ching-sheng Chou
2   Economic Growth, Price Level and Employment in Taiwan His-huang Chen
2   The Interpretation of the Multiple Cropping Index in Southern Taiwan’s Irrigating Agricultural – with Special Reference to Shares Program in Tzen-Wen Reservoir Chyau Tuan
2   Economic Foundation of the Land-to-the-Tiller Program Yu-yuan Bian and I-Hsing Shih
2   An Estimate of Winter Crops in Taiwan: An Application of Markov Chains  Chi-lien Huang
2   The Role of cooperation in Economic Development Chu-yuan Wu
3   Review of the Effects of Hog Emergency Measures and Strategy for Stabilizing Hog Production C. R. Show
3   Regression Analysis of Pork Consumption in Taiwan Wen-Fu Hsu
3   A Study on Agricultural Land Utilization and Agricultural Development in Taiwan Te-Tsui Chang
3   Off-Farm Job-Holding – Allocation of the Time of the Farm Family Chi-Lien Huang
3   A Study on Rural Mutual Saving Pool Organization Chu-Yuan Wu
3   The Empirical Evidence Between the Income Density Functions and the Measurement if Income Inequalition Ming C. Chen
3   View the Pollution and Environment Quality Problem: from the Point of Economics Y. C. Chang
4   A Study of How to Enlarge the Operation Scale of Agricultural Industries Te Tsui Chang
4   On the Economics of Scale of Farm Families in Taiwan Ming C. Chen
4   Economic Development, Factor Combination and Farm Mechanization Chi-lien Huang
4   Basic Concept of Marketing and Price Determination for Farm Products Wen-fu Hsu
4   A Study on the Operation Style and Distribution of Retail Market in Taipei City Y. C. Chang
4   A Study on Economical and Social Functions and the Regulations of the Farmers’ Associations in Taiwan Chu-Yuan Wu
5   Agricultural and Management Y. C. Chang
5   A Study on the Factors of Low-income Group and High-income Group in Rural Community in Taiwan Chu-yuan Wu
5   Establishment of New Direction Toward the Consumer-Oriented Agricultural Production Wen-fu Hsu
5   Agricultural Cost Function in Taiwan: Estimation and Its Implication J. T Shih and Y. Chiu
5   Food Population Growth and Agricultural Development in Taiwan His-huang Chen
5   Irrigation Development in Taiwan after Restoration Y. T. Wang
5   A Statement on The Most Important and Valuable Contributions of Our Military and Political Leaders for The First Period Land Expansion, Economic and Social Constructions in Taiwan Te Tsui Chang
5   A Study on Farmer’s Factors of Production M. C. Chen
5   Research on the Possible Shape of Long-run Average Cost Curve in Hog Industry Chiang-ren Show 
5   A Note on Replacement Policy Chi-lien Huanf