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    751986,21,pp1-40Shun-Cheng Lee
    751986,4,pp1-40Shun-Cheng Lee
    751986,1,6,pp86-91Alan Yun Lu
    751986,Market Value of Timber When Some Offerings Are Not Sold: Implications for Appraisal and Demand Analysis,32,4,pp845-854 (SCI)Fung-Mey Huang
    751986,115,pp25-59Shun-Cheng Lee
    751986,114,pp9-23Shun-Cheng Lee
    751986,9,Shun-Cheng Lee
    751986,168,pp1000-1002 (SSCI)Kuo-Ching Lin
    753,pp71-138Shun-Cheng Lee
    741985,VII,86,pp1-119Shun-Cheng Lee
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