Spiro E. Stefanou



The Pennsylvania State University
208-B Armsby
University Park, PA 16802
Phone:  814-863-8635   FAX:  814-865-3746
Email: SpiroS@psu.edu

Professor of Agricultural Economics
(Ph.D., Agricultural Economics, University of California, Davis, 1983)




Dr. Stefanou’s research focuses on production economics, the economics of productivity and innovation, the dynamics of economic adjustment, and economic policy issues.  This research program can be classified broadly as dynamic economic modeling with more recent efforts focusing on the dynamic generalizations of scale and scope economies, efficiency, productivity growth, learning-by-doing, capacity utilization, and product innovation.  

In 2006, Dr. Stefanou will be a Mansholt Senior Scholar in the Mansholt Graduate School, Wageningen University, and Marie Curie Senior Fellow at the University of Crete. He was a Jean Monnet Fellow at the European University Institute (Florence, Italy) and has held visiting positions at the Center for Economic Research, Tilburg University (Netherlands), Wageningen University (Netherlands), the Institute for Advanced Studies (Vienna, Austria), and the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute (at Chania).

 Dr. Stefanou is currently on the editorial board of the Journal of Productivity Analysis, the European Review of Agricultural Economics, AgBioForum and Agricultural Economics Review.  He has also served as Editor (1997-2002) and Associate Editor (1991-97) of the American Journal of Agricultural Economics (1997 - 2001) and on the editorial board of the Northeastern Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (1989-91).

Representative Publications                                    

Nonparametric dynamic efficiency analysis, with Elvira Silva, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, forthcoming.

Dynamic efficiency estimation: an application to US electric utilities, with S. Rungsuriyawiboon, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, forthcoming.

            The dynamics of efficiency improving input allocations and reorganization costs, with Onelack Choi and Jeff Stokes, Journal of Productivity Analysis, forthcoming.

Social learning and production heterogeneity, with Fang-I  Wen, Journal of Developing Areas, forthcoming.

Productivity and innovation in the U.S. food processing sector, with Pinar Celikkol and Gregory K. Pompelli, Innovation in the Food and Drink Processing Industry, edited by Ruth Rama, Haworth Press Inc., forthcoming.

Hranaiova, J. and S.E. Stefanou, “Scale, productivity growth and risk response under uncertainty, with Jana Hranaiova, Economia Agraria y Recursos Naturales,” 2 (2002), 75-93.

Hernandez-Serrano, J., S.E. Stefanou, L.F. Hood, and B. Zoumas. “Using experts’ experiences through stories in teaching new product development,” Journal of Product Innovation Management, 19 (January 2002): 54-68.

Oude Lansink, A. and S.E. Stefanou. “Dynamic area allocation and economies of scale and scope, with Alfons Oude Lansink, Journal of Agricultural Economics, 52(September), 38-52.

Oude Lansink, A., E. Silva and S.E. Stefanou. ”Decomposing productivity growth allowing for efficiency gains and technical progress,” European Review of Agricultural Economics, 27(2000): 487-519 .

Oude Lansink, A., E. Silva and S.E. Stefanou. “Inter-firm and intra-firm efficiency measures,” Journal of Productivity Analysis, 15 (May 2001), 185-99.

Celikkol, P. and S.E. Stefanou. “Measuring the impact of price-induced innovation on technological progress: application to the U.S. food processing and distribution sector,” Journal of Productivity Analysis 12 (September 1999), 135-52.